Gift Ideas

Inspire your child with these fun, engaging, educational toys, games and resources. Fill your lives with music!


Educational, informative textbooks and biographies on the subject of music. Music through the ages, music for health, music for young and old - whatever your interest regarding music knowledge, history or influential people, check it out here.

  • Music for the Child
  • A book teaching innovative methods of bringing music into the life of your child

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Games and Toys

All the most popular games to play online. Teaching sight reading, aural skills, instruments knowledge, and much more. Learn through playing - it's the best way. Different skill levels. Watch how your child improves in different areas as they have fun playing. Music Board Games and Puzzles. A large range of board games and puzzles to buy for your children to play around the kitchen table. Combining music and family time - excellent!


Shop to your hearts content for instruments of all kinds. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a huge range of usual and not so usual instrument for your budding musician. Tuned and untuned per!cussion instruments. Instruments to tap, shake, scrape, roll and spin. Easy to hold and manipulate. Bright colours that stimulate the visual senses as well. Help your child to explore timbre, tone, volume and tempo. Nurture their natural creativity and love of music. Create your own kit, or buy a ready made kit of different instruments. Remember, at this stage it's all about choice and diversity. Go nuts!

Sheet Music

Here you will find albums and sheet music of all your favourite artists. All styles for all ages. Thousands of titles to choose from. This is the place to come for print music of any kind. As always, send us a request if you can't find it here. It is important to us to be as diverse and universal as music itself is.


If you are looking for a different type of gift for any age group for a birthday, Christmas, reward or appreciation, check out our fantastic gifts page. Or how about a Music Party? See how you can create the ultimate music party event for any age group at our party page. We will point you in the right direction for gifts of all types. Music jewellery, Stationary, trinkets, photo frames, keepsakes, Soft toys, the list goes on. Find something a little bit different to celebrate the budding musician in your family. Decorate Your World with Music! Wallpaper designs, cushions, tapestries, posters, statues. We have a huge range of music themed decor for you to choose from. Let your imagination run wild as you create your beautiful music spaces. Music Parties. Party time! Scroll through hundreds of party ideas for your next music party. Costumes, party bags, decorations, balloons, games, even food ideas!