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At Music-Clicks our goal is to bring you a fantastic array of products and information to help you bring music into the life of your child. Here you will find articles, reports and the latest research regarding the enormous benefits of music on the developing brain.

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Giving your child the gift of music is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. We hope our site will inspire you to do just that. Enjoy!

Instruments Galore!

Children love to play instruments and create their own sound. Introducing your child to a wide variety of sound textures via the many types of instruments readily available, increases their aural development and awareness. They become keen listeners and learners.

The next stage is to encourage and teach children to use the instruments in a meaningful and creative way to follow the beat or rhythm of music they can play along with. Tuned and untuned percussion instruments are a perfect introduction for little ones to begin experimenting with, giving them an opportunity to actively participate in their musical education.

Once an appreciation and understanding that music is creative expression has been developed and nurtured in your child, they will be excited to explore more advanced instruments such as violins, guitars, ukuleles, flutes, trumpets, etc. Here is a range of instruments to inspire any age group.

Inspiration first. Everything else second!

Here are some choices. Click on the links to find out more about each instrument.

Babies, Tots and Preschool Instruments. Ukulele. Guitar. Harmonica. Violin. Percussion.

Teaching Styles

Some of the more well-known contributors to the musical education of children can be found in this section. Delve deeper into the lives and philosophies of these influential educators.

Dalcroze, Kodaly, Orff and Suzuki had all developed methods of teaching music to children, that are still being used today all over the world. From the solfege singing of the Kodaly system to the eurhythmics of Dalcroze to the aural memory development through repetition of Suzuki and the movement with rhythm of Orff, these education styles all focus on making learning and playing music as enjoyable and successful as possible.

Joseph Schillinger created the Schillinger System which was an approach to composition influenced heavily by mathematics and logic.

Click on the link to learn more about these wonderful innovators of musical education.

Kodaly. Orff. Dalcroze. Suzuki. Schillinger.

The Research

There has been much research undertaken in regards to the effect that music has on a person. It is common knowledge that music appeals to people of all ages in all countries, in all times. The diverse kinds and styles of music and music instruments worldwide is truly fascinating, but when we explore how beneficial music is to the well being, health and happiness of an individual, we see a world of reasons to make music an important part of our lives.

Music heals, music soothes, music expands our growth on so many levels

Music therapy has also been successful in the treatment of dementia patients. Music is used to access memories and emotions that are locked away in patients who no longer know who they are.

Music for the Brain. Music for the Body. Music for the Spirit. Music for the Heart. Music Therapy.

Gift Ideas

All learning is best achieved through inspiration. Inspire your child to love music and want to learn with these fun, exciting, innovative games, toys and ideas. Children learn so much through play and with games and toys like these, music will just become a natural part of their lives. Fill their lives with music!

In the book section find books to inspire, educate and instruct. Learn to Play books, biographies of artists and composers, chord charts, posters, books on any instrument, all about orchestras, world music, theory books and test papers. Check out our huge range of books, articles and papers here.

Games and Toys for all ages, for all tastes. Computer games, board games, flash cards, learning resources, puzzles and much more. Children learn through play. Find interesting, fun ways to stimulate their thirst for knowledge and teach them music from the basics right through to the advanced.

When you have decided on an instrument to buy, this is your place to come. Not only can you buy instruments straight from this page, but you will be given a run down of the instrument you are interested in - what is the best age to start, the level of difficulty in playing, the price range, the best models to buy. Find it all here

Find the sheet music you need for the instrument you have. Buy albums or download what you need. There is even a page to design your own manuscript!

Be careful you don't lose half your day browsing here. So many great gift ideas for everyone here. Funny, quirky, classical, corny or sophisticated, you will find it all here. Jewellery, ornaments, stationery, posters, cards, home decor, party supplies, balloons, wall hangings, the list goes on. Everything musical. Anything musical. Finding that perfect gift for any occasion is now just a click away.

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